SONY 32-inch Full HD LED TV

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SONY 32-inch Full HD LED TV

SONY a big name in the electronics market launched their first smart TV in late 2015 with some basic Android Smart TV Features and after that, they are continuously innovating things and we can say that SONY is giving a tough competition to other manufacturers. We do have a wide range of SONY smart TV’s at an unbelievable price, let us show you some of the Top Features of SONY smart TV. ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS COMES WITH 1-YEAR IN-HOUSE WARRANTY. Below are a few features of SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV:

  • 5 W x 2 Speaker Output: Rich, powerful sound
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD – Watch Blu-ray movies at their highest level of detail
  • 2 x HDMI: Plugin couple of devices at once
  • 1 x USB: Easily connect your digital camera, camcorder or USB device
  • 80 cm (32 inches)


  • Width x Height x Depth (without stand)
    • 731 mm x 442 mm x 70 mm
  • Weight (without stand)
    • 10.9 kg

               TOP FEATURES OF SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

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SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

A wider range of colors can be seen through TRILUMINOS Display which provides a color gamut 50% larger than the conventional LCD.

This technology uses quantum dots i.e. to produce a particular color; LED light is passed

SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

through a quantum film.






SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Brilliant SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TVhighlights, beautiful textures

High Dynamic Range

(HDR) High dynamic range is all about enhancing your TV shows or films watching experience by making it look a bit more like real-life. HDR High dynamic range means greater brightness level, a wider color palette and more contrast. It also promotes true-to-life and natural colors which helps us relate to how we see them in real-life.


SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Rediscover every detailSONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

X-Reality™ PRO

X-Reality PRO provides exceptional clarity by upscaling every pixel. It matches each scene with our image database to reduce noise and refine the image.



SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

More clarSONY 32 inch Full HD LED TVity, more detail, more amazing

Full High Definition

Full HD means a clearer picture quality and reduced noise which results in enhanced experience when you are playing your favorite game or watching the latest action movie.




SONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Power your entertainment with deep bass

Built-in subwooferSONY 32 inch Full HD LED TV

Do not have a base tube? Don’t worry; Sony have got your covered. Sony built-in sub-woofer lets you enjoy the music at its fullest.




Clear Audio +

Made to listen

ClearASONY 32 inch Full HD LED TVudio+

Doesn’t matter if you are watching your favorite TV series or listing to that sick beat, ClearAudio+ fine-tunes TV sound, brings clarity and separation to the dialogues hence enhancing the overall experience.




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